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What Is  Sand Tray Therapy?

Sand Tray is a neuro-based form of expressive therapy that is used with both children and adults.  It allows a person to create their own little universe with the help of sand and miniature figures. These scenes act as a reflection of a person’s life. They are an opportunity to solve problems, gain higher self-esteem, and learn new skills -- a way to explore and deepen your relationship with the world, yourself and other people. Sand Tray grew out of the Jungian movement in the 1920s and can be applied in many different ways.


As the client creates their world, the therapist acts as an observer. After the session is over, the therapist discusses what she observed -- which figures were chosen, how they were arranged, and what their meaning might be. After the discussion, the client may decide to rearrange the miniatures based on the talk..

Because sand tray work gives the client the opportunity to express negative feelings and unconscious memories which impact on their choices, bringing these to consciousness can be the first stage of disempowering them and allowing their release. 

Sand Tray Therapy works for many kinds of problems, from substance abuse to anxiety or depression to childhood trauma and numerous others. People who are unable to express themselves in traditional therapy or cannot vocalize their problems often benefit immensely from this technique. 


Click here for a video explaining sand tray use with adults. 

Or click here for a video about sand tray with children.



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